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About Us

Bobo was conceptualized as Dar es Salaam’s premier children’s space dedicated to fostering play and learning. Our indoor play area is designed to provide kids with a fun, safe, secure and stimulating play environment. It consists of an interactive play area, a play gym/ sensory room ideal for toddlers and little children as well as a dedicated studio for structured/guided activities and events. Bobo is equipped with an art & craft corner, a reading area with age-appropriate books, pretend play/imaginative role play area and lots of fun games and toys for older children.

Parents can sit back and relax in our reception area, which has a screen to view the CCTV that covers all the areas of the playcentreWhether it’s just a cup of coffee, a light snack or a delicious meal for you and your family, The Backyard is a charming location for you to enjoy food and beverages hassle-free whilst your children are busily engaged in meaningful play.

As founders of Bobo who are parents to a beautiful, curious and energetic child, we understand you and your child’s needs. We offer a clean, safe and fun environment for children to develop their imagination, play at their own pace & most importantly to have fun.

- Amal & Nancy

Our Values


Passion inspires us to move forward to achieve GREATNESS.

We are passionate about making a positive difference to our own lives and the lives of others.

Passion is that raw emotion that drives us, it is more than just enthusiasm or excitement; it engulfs our heart, mind, body and soul. When we have passion for what we do, great things are possible. Our passion becomes contagious; we spark passion in others unlocking their inner strength, we become more inspiring, determined and optimistic.

Owing to our passion to keep improving ourselves, we are open to implementing new ideas and trying new things. We don’t accept “that will never work” as an answer. We support and encourage ourselves and others to take action. This builds our excitement, self-confidence and focus. It is our passion that keeps us going.

Growth & Innovation

We strive to reach goals, dare to be unique, challenge ourselves to evolve and exceed community expectations. Moreover, we learn by doing.

Our belief in ourselves and the people around us, gives us strength to try new things. We support each other on this journey together. With determination, flexibility and creativity, we resolve the biggest obstacles.

We acknowledge the challenges between growing our people and growing our center. The more successful our Centre, the greater the capacity the business has to support us to grow and innovate.


We primarily work for and with your children and in doing so, we greatly value fun; creating a sense of enjoyment through positive and wholesome experiences is at the top of our everyday agenda.

We take every opportunity to create fun in everyday activities, and in how we celebrate our successes and important events. We take fun seriously! Fun energizes us; it fuels our connection with each other and your children. It allows us to deal with the pressures and challenges we face as individuals and as a team. We learn and develop faster when we are having fun.

Fun for your children is key to making everyone happy.

At Bobo, we truly understand that, ultimately, A HAPPY CHILD = A HAPPY PARENT. Always!


Together Everyone Achieves More. We support each other when the going gets tough. When team members are not coping, feeling isolated or simply having a bad day, we give them our support, encouragement and sometimes a big hug.

We take the time to get to know each other well and we trust each other to do the right thing. We bring out the best in others through praise, recognition and appreciation. We consider the impact of our actions on others and build trusting relationships.

We share our ideas about more effective ways of working; show initiative when issues arise and take ownership to resolve them. We collaborate with other team members to come up with ideas and solutions together. We set goals together and always seek to understand what part we individually play in our team.

Consistent Service

We want to ensure a good standard and consistent service to the parents that trust us and the children that want to keep coming back. Every time you visit BOBO, we aim to ensure you always have the same excellent experience. We keep our play centre tidy, clean, organized, well maintained; endeavoring to keep bringing you and your children fresh and engaging experiences.

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